Loch Raven United Methodist
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
An open, dynamic and multicultural community of faith

United Methodist Women

                        Mission Statement

"Women organized for fellowship, study, mission and continuous personal growth.

"The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose
purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ;
to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through
participation in the global ministries of the church."

General and Circle Meeting Schedule:

A general meeting is held on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 
In 2013 there will no general meeting held in December. 
                                 Our Circles meet monthly: 

                                 Women in Christ Circle
                                 First Monday of each month
                                 7:30 pm, Room 210
                                 Click here for our 2012-2013 Schedule

                                 Phyllis Downes Circle

                                 First Tuesday of each month
                                10:00 am, Parlor


     2013 Current Events:

The UMW is currently taking orders for gift cards.  Orders will be accepted on
December 1st and 8th.  This is a big fundraiser in which all proceeds go to Missions.
Get your orders in now!

2013 Past Events:
The 3rd annual indoor flea market was held in November.  We raised over $800!
End-of -Year UMW donations were announced in the February Spire.  A total of $3,000 was given to local, state, national and international causes.
A general meeting was held on March 20th in Fellowship Hall. Joyce Dixon was our guest speaker. 

Fundraiser: The UMW took orders for chocolate covered Easter eggs. The
deadline for orders was March 10th; pickup on March 17th. Eggs were made on March 15th and 16th.

       2012 Past Events:

December Activities
Once again, the UMW sold gift cards to favorite restaurants, fast food
chains, grocery stores, home improvement stores, department stores and
specialty shops. Sales were very successful again and helped allow the 
UMW to make many end-of-year donations. 
November Activities
  • “Women in Christ” Circle
    Monday, November 5
    7:30 PM - Room 202
    Study: Great People of the Bible
    Lesson: Elijah; Leader: Cheryl
Phyllis Downes Circle
Tuesday, November 6
10:00 AM - Parlor
Study: Ac

October Activities
     - 10/17/12 General meeting and dinner @ 6:30 PM
        Speaker from Samaritan's Purse spoke about
        The Shoebox Ministry 
     - 10/20/12 from 8 AM- 1PM  3rd Annual Indoor Flea Market
          we raised close to $1,200 for missions!!!                        

June Activities

     - 6/2 - Flea Market from 8:00 AM - 1:00 PM
                We raised a good amount for missions.

May Activities

      - May 16th - Dinner and General Meeting @ 6:30 PM
        (Brown-Whale missionaries spoke of their work here
        and abroad)

March Activities

      - March 20th - 25th - many UMW members helped to
        make, roll, weigh, trim, wrap & box a variety of 
        chocolage covered Easter Eggs.  All proceeds were
        donated to Missions.

      - March 21st - Dinner and General Meeting @ 6:30 PM
        A representative from the Board of Child Care gave a
        presentation about Falling Waters and Baltimore Co.
        residency programs.
  • No general meetings were held in January or February.

    December Activities

          - December 21st - Dinner and General Meeting @ 6:30 PM

          - December 4th & 11th -  UMW Gift card sales in Fellowship Hall between

    November Activities

    November 16th - Dinner and General Meeting @ 6:30 PM
    Cheryl Wagner-Koogler and Margot Gerding presented on their 
            ERT trips to  Tennessee & North Carolina    
    click here to view Powerpoint Presentation

    October Activities

     - October 15th - 2nd annual indoor yard sale  (We raised over $1,200!!!)
June Activities
      - Please note:  Due to charge conference on October 19th there wil be 
        NO general meeting

  • “Women in Christ” Circle
    Monday, December 3
    6:30 PM - Williams home

  • General Meeting & Covered Dish
     Wednesday, December 18th
    6:30 PM in Fellowship Hall 

      - June 4th - Flea Market - it was a success!
      - Women in Christ Dinner Mtg.

May Activities

      -  May 13th - Executive Committee Mtg.
      -  May 18th - General Mtg. & dinner.

             Dick Annis-Forder and fellow Haiti travelers
                 reported on their VIM trip in March

April Activities

      -  April 7th -9th - many UMW members worked
          tirelessly to make over 2,000 chocolate eggs
The UMW raised over $1,500 for missions!!!

March Activities

March 16th - Covered-dish dinner and program
         Attendees learned more about a UMW sponsored
         mission, The Heifer Project (
         For more information, see JoAnn Munden.

2010 Past Events:

December Activities

December 15th - Covered-dish dinner and program

        - Once again, the UMW sold GIFT CARDS during early
          December.  Thanks for all who participated!

November Activities

     - November 17th - Covered-dish dinner and program
          Representative from the ACTC spoke on the continuous 
          need for food donations

October Covered Dish Dinner and Program

       - Tim Shelton presented at the first covered dish
          dinner/meeting on Wednesday, October 20th
He discussed his Peace Corps Volunteer
           experience in Tanna, Vanuatu!!!    

Annual Flea Market 

          The Annual Flea Market was held on Saturday, June 5th 
          We are happy to report that $900 was raised!!!

Chocolate Easter Egg Sale

During the week of March 15th through 21st, the UMW mixed, rolled,
weighed, dipped, trimmed, wrapped, and boxed more than 
approximately 160 dozen eggs - or about 2,000 individual chocolate,
vanilla, coconut and peanut butter filled eggs.  Many thanks to all who
helped, but especially to Nancy, Jennifer and Amy! All were gone by
10:00 AM Sunday morning!!  The UMW raised over $1,100 which will
be used for missions projects - way to go ladies!!


2009 Past Events:

Nov/Dec 2009 Gift Card Fundraiser

From November 22nd thru December 6th, the UMW sold gift cards to
many local stores, restaurants, and speciality shops to raise money
towards locally, nationally, and internationally funded Missions



UMW-Sponsored Cruise

The cruise to Bermuda, which departed from Baltimore on 6/2 helped
to raise funds for the church!  For each of the 48 passengers booked, a
portion of the  cost was donated back to the church.  What a happy and
exciting way to raise funds.  Thanks to Jennifer for all of her hard work!

Annual Flea Market

This year's flea market was a great success for all involved, especially
for the mission's  table.  Over $800 was raised for missions! Thanks to
the Nancy's for their hard work and to all of the men who helped to
set-up and break down the many tables!