Loch Raven United Methodist
Saturday, December 03, 2016
An open, dynamic and multicultural community of faith


Our Mission Statement:

We are Christians engaged in ministry to our community, the nation, and the world.

ACTC Collection Schedule for 2016

- The November collections are Peanut Butter (18 oz.) Jelly, Rice, and Cereal
- Also, we will be collecting monetary donations to purchase gift cards for perishable
  items. Please put cash in the envelopes in the pews marked "Thanksgiving Baskets"
  or make a check payable to LRUMC and mark the memo "ACTC."

Send a Christmas Blessing

Send your church family a group Christmas card and donate the money you
would have spent on more cards to Lifewater Canada. Last year the money
raised helped provide clean drinking water in towns where people had
previously died from water related disease. Just sign one card and post it
on the big board in the arcade, starting the 1st week in December. Make your
donation by using the envelope in your pew marked "Christmas Cards."  Checks
should be made payable to LRUMC, and put "Missions" in the memo section.
Thanks for being a blessing to others.
We also support the mission at Essex UMC and the Board of Childcare.
  • The collection of hotel/travel size toiletries for Essex UMC is ongoing.
    There is a box for these items on the hospitality desk.


Please scroll down for a list of the various organizations we will be
each month
. Also look for additional information in the
church bulletin and the Spire.

Missions Committee

            Thanks for your support!


The missions committee also sponsors the following monthly activities supported by members of the congregation through their gifts, service, and prayers.

*  Ongoing support for Essex UMC: collection of
    hotel-sized toiletries

  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Bag lunches for Manna
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Blanket Sunday
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Bag lunches for Manna
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Food Drive for the ACTC
  • May 14, 2016-Manna House
      Breakfast Club
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Bag lunches for Manna
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • ACTC Food Drive
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Items for Heat's Place
  • Indoor Yard Sale
  • Samaritan's Purse -  
    Shoebox Ministry
  • Bag lunches for Manna
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • ACTC Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Abbottston Elementary
      School Angels
  • Christmas gifts for the
      children at the Lois T.
      Murray School
      Murray School.