Loch Raven United Methodist
Friday, July 21, 2017
An open, dynamic and multicultural community of faith


Our Mission Statement:

We are Christians engaged in ministry to our community, the nation, and the world.

Upcoming and Ongoing Mission Opportunities:
To help better serve food-starved individuals in our community, we will be
collecting specific, non-perishable food items monthly for the Assistance
Center of Towson Churches (ACTC) as well as supporting Manna House
and Essex UMC.

ACTC Collection for July 2017
During this July missions season, donations are needed for ACTC of canned fruit.
Please place items in collection boxes outside Fellowship Hall. Thank you for your support!

They are also in need of plastic grocery bags. Bags may be dropped off at 120 W.
Pennsylvania Avenue, Monday-Friday from 10:00-3:00.

Manna House Breakfast Club:
July 15 and Oct. 14 (If you would like to volunteer to help
prepare or serve breakfast, contact Linda Cole: 410-666-5222.

Essex UMC
Collection of hotel-size toiletries are needed for Essex UMC.
There is a box for the items on the hospitality desk.
This is an on-going collection.

The Board of Childcare
We are regularly asked to donate cookies for the girls and boys who live
on the Board of Child Care campus. A box will be placed in Fellowship
Hall if you would like to help. Store bought cookies are preferred. Some
of the children have food allergies and the staff can check the ingredients
in store bought cookies. Watch the bulletin for donation months.
Cash to purchase cookies will also be accepted.
Sandwich making for Essex UMC:
3rd or 4th Tuesday of every month. See home page for current dates.


Please scroll down for a list of the various organizations we will be
each month
. Also look for additional information in the
church bulletin and the Spire.

Missions Committee

            Thanks for your support!


The missions committee also sponsors the following monthly activities supported by members of the congregation through their gifts, service, and prayers.

*  Ongoing support for Essex UMC:
    (collection of hotel-sized toiletries)

  • Items for ACTC
  • Items for ACTC
  • Manna House B-fast Club
  • Blanket Sunday
  • Items for ACTC
  • Items for ACTC
  • Items for ACTC
  • Manna House B-fast Club
  • Items for ACTC
  • Items for ACTC
  • Manna House B-fast Club
  • Items for ACTC
  • Items for ACTC
  • Manna House B-fast Club
  • Items for ACTC
  • ACTC Monetary collection for Thanksgiving baskets
  • Samaritan's Purse
    Shoebox Ministry
  • Items for ACTC
  • Abbottston Elem. School (Angels program)