Loch Raven United Methodist
Wednesday, November 25, 2015
An open, dynamic and multicultural community of faith


Our Mission Statement:

We are Christians engaged in ministry to our community, the nation, and the world.

December 2013 Fund Raising/Giving Opportunities

- Please help support the children at the Board of Child Care by filling a "Stocking" with quarters.
Stockings will be available in the Narthex until Christmas Day.  Filled stocking may be placed in
the offering plate.

- This year, our congregation has committed to providing 25 "angels" at the Abbottston school, where
Cathy Miles is principal.  The children range from 1st to 5th grade. Please take an angel from the
Christmas tree located in the arcade, purchase one or both of the suggested gifts, wrap, tape the angel
with the child's information on it and return by December 15th.

Past Events:


The Missions Committee will held its 3rd Annual Yard Sale on October 19th.

Over $800 was raised.
In November 65 lunches were collected for Manna House.



Please scroll down for a list of the various organizations we will be assisting during
each month.  Also look for additional informaiton in the church bulletin and the Spire.      

Missions Committee

            Thanks for your support!




  • Heifer Project  


  • Life Water for Canada
  • Ludihanna Medical College (India)
  • N.E. Zaire Dispensary Program
  • Samaritan's Purse
  • Suzanne Porter, Missionary
  • Warne Baby Fold (India orphanage )



  • Assistance Center of Towson Churches 
  • Board of Child Care  
  • Chesapeake Habitat for Humanity
  • Deaf Interfaith
    (Deaf/Blind Camp)
  • Hands on Project
  • Health Care for the Homeless
  • Heart's Place
  • Helping up Mission
  • Manna House 
  • Susanna Wesley House
  • Table of Grace

 The missions committee also sponsors the following monthly activities supported by members of the congregation through thier gifts, service, and prayers.



  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Bag lunches for Manna House


  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Blanket Sunday


  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Bag lunches for Manna House


  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Items for Susanna Wesley House


  • Food Drive for the ACTC
  • Items for Heart's Place


  • Bag lunches for Manna House
  • Items for Heart's Place


  • Baltimore County Christian Work Camp
  • Items for Heart's Place


  • ACTC  Food Drive
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Items for Heat's Place
  • Indoor Yard Sale
  • Samaritan's Purse -  
     Shoebox Ministry
  • Bag lunches for Manna House
  • Items for Heart's Place
  • ACTC Thanksgiving Baskets


  • Items for Heart's Place
  • Christmas gifts for the children at the Lois T. Murray School.